Supply & Fit

When it comes to choosing wall and floor tiles for our homes or business premises we are literally spoilt for choice but, many people fail time and time again to consider the following important factors;

1 – Suitability, durability and maintainability;

The tiles you chose must be suitable for the areas in which you want them installed for practical reasons. For example; a low wear grade floor tile is not suitable for any high use area or even in a domestic kitchen or hallway where exterior foot traffic can gain direct access. Equally, some natural stones might not be as durable and easy to maintain in high use areas.

2 – The wastage factor involved in fitting tiles; 

On countless occasions clients have purchased their own tiles believing they are getting the best deal but experienced greater cost and inconvenience when they discover they have not ordered enough to complete their project. In some circumstances clients have experienced even greater upset and expense when they fall short and find the tiles are not readily available or even discontinued. Be warned, it has happened on many an occasion!

3 – The weight and volume of your tile order and how to manage delivery and distribution; 

Many people fail to consider just how heavy and bulky just a single box of tiles can be. Accepting delivery of and handling even a small load of tiles can cause great inconvenience and require you to take valuable time off work. This is not to mention the physical aches and pains as well especially associated with the increasingly popular large format tiles and natural stone.

At C&A Bennett we pride ourselves on providing best value services and by combining the supply of your specified tiles with our professional installation service, we can offer fully integrated and cost effective, head ache and back ache free supply and fit tiling solutions.