Decorative floor tiles to exterior courtyard

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Following the very succesful completion of the uniquely patterned and decorative floor tiles  shown previously, we subsequently worked on our clients external courtyard.

This was a challenging installation because the weather was becoming wetter and colder. It was also necessary to lay a relatively thin depth screed before tiling. Not a task your usual wall and floor tilers will carry out.

High quality very rapid setting Ardex screed & tile adhesive were specified by us. A  decision which our crastmem were very happy with as the products performance and workability aided the installation immensely.

The encaustic patterned floor tiles were pre treated with wax internally to offer them immediate protection from the elements as soon as the installation commenced. The tiling then started as soon as conditions permitted. A unique floor plan design was followed which included cutting into various drain covers and to falls.

We thank our valued clients for giving us the opportunity to work with them on their truly unique installation. One which is unlikely to ever be repeated.

decorative floor tiles decorative floor tiles 

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