Patterned floor tiles

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C&A Bennett (Tiling Contractors) Ltd are proud to have been involved in this bespoke new build residential home project in Bristol and the installatation of highly decorative patterned floor tiles.

The clients selected encaustic (cement) patterned floor tiles for various rooms within their property and including an external courtyard. Both internal and external installations come with its own challenges. At the present time, the latter is still underway.

Mixing authentic handmade products on a modern new build property with new under floor heated screeds, requires more consideration. This project required craftsmanship in the installation of the artisan tiles combined with a selection of modern installation materials. Without including deformable adhesive, decoupling matting and flexible grout the finished floor would be more susceptible to movement stresses.

We are delighted with the results of the internal areas. This project is truly unique and one which we are extremely thankful to our clients for giving us to the opportunity to be part of.



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